Permanent Residency

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  • Grow Your Business to Next Level

  • Get in 2 Years Residence

  • Sponsor Your Spouse

  • Get 30% Tax Reductions

Permanent residency, also known as permanent resident status or PR, is a legal immigration status that grants an individual the right to reside permanently in a particular country. It is often a stepping stone towards citizenship and provides several benefits and rights to the individual. Permanent residency refers to the immigration status that allows a foreign national to live and work indefinitely in a host country. It is typically granted based on various criteria, such as employment, family ties, refugee status, or through specific immigration programs offered by the country. Obtaining permanent residency offers several advantages, including the right to live and work in the country without time restrictions, access to social benefits and healthcare, permission to study or pursue education, and in some cases, eligibility for certain government-sponsored programs or subsidies.

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